Thursday, April 9, 2009

That's right, this isn't a free speech zone

I am hiding the comments section for now because some real estate agents decided to use my blog to shame me and to put their side of the story on here.  Guess what? This is my blog, where I can speak freely without shame and MY side of EVERY story gets its due, because there is nowhere else where that is true.  So there.  Sorry to those who like to leave pro-Holly comments, I will put that feature back once the realtors have lost interest.  

But, being the child of missionaries with a hyper-active conscience, I do feel guilty about bashing ALL real estate agents.  I am sure there are a number of nice people in the business who speak the truth and honestly put their clients' interests first even when it costs them money.  I have at least one friend who is a realtor, and I am sure he would fit this description.  I just think the business model is a little off.  Not so much for agents representing sellers--in that case both the agent and the owner want the house to sell as quickly as possible for as much money as possible.  But with buyers, I think it doesn't work. The agent's interest is for the client to buy as expensive a house as possible and as soon as possible, whereas the buyer's interest might be to looks for months and months for just the right house at the right price.  Realtors are only human.  So I think as a buyer, Redfin is definitely the way to go.  We certainly have been pleased with Redfin in our recent home purchase.   

And to the realtor who left the "Shame on you" comment--It is true that B and N weren't representing me. Apparently you think that means they are then at liberty to lie to and about me and treat me like crap when all I did was ask B for a smidgeon of consideration and in the case of N break some kind of  realtor rule that I had no idea even existed that cost her nothing (and in fact saved her a ton of time and effort and made her a boat load of money because I bought her house without her having to put it on the market).  Anyway, you aren't making your profession look good, you are only proving my point.  

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