Friday, January 2, 2009

When Hoarding is a Good Thing

I'm sure we've all seen the hoarders on TV--these poor people who can't throw anything away and Dr. Phil can't even get through their door for the piles and piles of Teen Beat magazines from circa 1988.  It's very sad.  

I myself am the opposite of a hoarder, I am a compulsive disposer.  I go through my clothes, books, papers, dishes, etc. regularly and just throw stuff away or give it to Goodwill.  I still own a lot of stuff, but only because I have a deep emotional attachment to what I affectionately refer to as "African crap."  And I have a raging sweater addiction, although I also go through my huge pile and cull, so as to make room and justify future purchases.  Unfortunately, I often throw away things I end up needing, or rather things that Kevin ends up needing (oops, sorry, honey, I had no idea that scrap of paper with "fiscal," "x+y/z" and "dividend" written on it was a Nobel Prize in economics just waiting to happen. My bad.)   

Today my aggressive disposal tendencies cost me exactly $80.43.  This was the cost of a replacement CD and cable from Sony that will allow me to upload video from my 6 year old camcorder to my new MacBook.   Of course I had presumably thrown out the old ones.  Or as I often prefer to say, I "lost" them.  "Lost" sounds more accidental and forgivable, kind of what manslaughter is to murder.  Either way, it's $80.43 and a dead person.  I probably should have just gotten rid of the camcorder.  It's a wonder it has survived this long anyway.  


  1. Just this morning, I gave away nine bags of valuable "stuff" (OK, maybe not so valuable...) to one of those charities who come and pick up the stuff from your front door. You would be so proud!

    On a side note, why are you monitoring Philadelphia's weather conditions on your Gmail Weather side bar? Just wondering if there is something I should know about...a move to Philly?

  2. Yeah I tried to change the Phily weather to local but it only does it temporarily...probably need a different weather application :)