Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm in love

This is my new love.  Despite outward appearances, it is not a healthy relationship.  Though these delicious chips are baked and have a Mediterranean Diet-vibe, they are in fact 140 calories per tiny serving, and I could easily eat the whole bag, which is 6 servings, or even two or three bags.  You do the math, that's a lot of calories.  And calories--not cholesterol, not transfats, not fats period--calories are what make you fat.   Just a little nutrition lesson for you this evening.  

Today I am grateful for:
1. Stacy's Pita Chips, in moderation.
2. The 35 pounds I have lost since Charlotte was born.  
3. No one brought goodies to work today.
4. I finally found the time to take down the Christmas tree.
5. The nice grocery delivery man who got out in the pouring rain to bring me my groceries so I did not have to.  God Bless him and the Giant Peapod!

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