Friday, January 9, 2009

Holly Triumphs Over Technology

I am trying to move on from OU's devastating loss last night by focusing on a contest with a more positive outcome.  In Holly vs. The Machine, chalk one up for Holly!  I got the cable and software for my camera (which you may recall cost me $80.43) and got my video uploaded on to my Mac! Of course most of that $80.43 is the software that it turns out I didn't need after all and for which I cannot get a refund, so chalk one up for Sony as well.  Nevertheless, I am having a blast editing and making little movies!  Yet another new time suck that will prevent me from cleaning my house!  Only this one I consider to be worthwhile, unlike checking every 10 minutes to see if they have put more things on sale (I am highly disappointed at the after Christmas sale this year, they do not seem to realize there is a recession. Wake up you preppie fools!)  Here is proof of my technological genius:



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  2. I really hate to bring this up, but I feel that I must.

    Holly, Kevin, you've pulled one over on us. Really.

    Allow me to elaborate.

    This child is obviously NOT human. This being is way too happy. I'm told even when this being is apparently ill, it is happy. This being sleeps all night long, with rare exceptions.

    This being is an alien!

    The alleged mother "lost" all of that weight, which medical professional told us could not be done. The "child" is too happy to be a carbon-based homo sapiens. The "father" takes an interest in the care of this "child".

    OMG! You are all aliens! What have you done with the real Holly and Kevin???