Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fleeing My Homeland

I am a journalspace refugee. OK, that's a tad bit dramatic and gives me way too much blogging credit. I did have a blog on journalspace that I posted on only occasionally after around early 2006. I had just resolved to go back and start blogging near daily (yeah, right) when I discovered their server had crashed. So I came here and discovered that blogspot is free and pretty and devoid of ads, unlike journalspace. Now I feel pretty foolish to have used journalspace all these years when I could have had blogspot all along (I could make a reference to my love life here, but I will respectfully refrain).

Now that I have a brand new shiny blog, maybe I will actually flex my writing muscles in the evenings after my 9 month-old faithfully goes to bed at 7 pm (God bless her) instead of crashing on the sofa and watching episode after episode of What Not to Wear on DVR, even though I have seen every single one of them, because I can't quite remember every single triumphant outfit the fashion victim ends up in so I might as well check it out again.

Wow, I just noticed that blogspot periodically autosaves your entries! How cool is that? I lost untold brilliant posts on journalspace. I would no doubt be the next Dave Barry or discovered by the New Yorker had it not been for that stupid blog.

Anyway. So we'll see how this goes. I am not terribly optimistic because motherhood seems to have made me dumber, which doesn't lend itself to creativity. On the other hand, motherhood seems to have made me crazier, which does, so who knows?


  1. Hello luv! Glad to see you have "seen the light" and 1) traversed over here to blogger and 2) decided to keep writing! Woo hoo.

  2. So glad you are among the bloggers again! Looking forward to your frequent posts. :)

    I've added you to my blog roll at (forgive the shameless plug) www.charlcie.blogspot.com.

  3. Hey Holly, I like the new place. This morning it seems that JS is gone forever. Sigh. So, now I have to get out here too, explore new worlds, etc, etc.

  4. Hi Holly,

    I'm so glad you're writing again! I will find someplace new. I am bummed about losing the chronicle of my wedding. The good thing is that we will not tell Chris' mom and dad about the new blog so I'll be able to write a lot more truthfully!